“California Judge Fatally Shoots Wife in Front of Adult Son”


california judge shoot his wife
“SANTA ANA, Calif. — An Orange County judge from Southern California stands accused of fatally shooting his wife in the midst of an argument, while under the influence of alcohol. Prosecutors revealed on Friday that they have formally charged him with murder, shedding light on the shocking details of the incident.
Orange County Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Ferguson allegedly sent text messages to his court clerk and bailiff immediately after the incident, admitting to the shooting. According to court filings, the text messages read, “I just lost it. I just shot my wife. I won’t be in tomorrow. I will be in custody. I’m so sorry.”
Currently released on $1 million bail, Ferguson now faces more stringent bail conditions as prosecutors express concern for public safety. Law enforcement discovered a cache of 47 legally owned weapons, including the firearm used in the crime, along with over 26,000 rounds of ammunition at his Anaheim residence. The prosecutors noted that while most of the weapons are accounted for, one registered rifle remains missing.
The tragic event unfolded on August 3rd after an argument erupted between Jeffrey Ferguson and his wife, Sheryl Ferguson, at a restaurant. The argument escalated as the couple returned to their home in the upscale neighborhood of Anaheim Hills. According to court documents, Sheryl reportedly made a comment suggesting he “point a real gun at me.” In response, he pulled out a pistol from his ankle holster and shot her in the chest.
Their adult son was quick to alert authorities, dialing 911 and reporting that his father had been drinking heavily and had shot his mother. Jeffrey Ferguson himself made a 911 call, vaguely admitting to the shooting and requesting paramedics for his wife.
Upon police arrival, the scent of alcohol emanated from Ferguson, who stated, “Oh man, I can’t believe I did this.” The 72-year-old judge was apprehended at his residence, subsequently released, and is scheduled for arraignment on September 1st.
Prosecutors have charged Ferguson with murder, including weapons-related enhancements. Seeking to prevent potential flight and safeguard the public, they are calling for the surrender of his passport, an ankle monitor, and restrictions on alcohol and firearm possession.
Ferguson’s legal representatives, Paul Meyer and John Barnett, issued a brief statement expressing the incident as a tragedy for the entire family. They assert it was an accident and nothing more.
Ferguson, who has served as a judge since 2015, presides over criminal cases in Fullerton, Orange County. He has held various legal roles since the early 1980s and has been involved in notable associations within the legal community.
The arrest has sent shockwaves through the legal circles of Southern California, leading officials to navigate the handling of the case carefully. The Orange County District Attorney’s Office sought guidance on potential conflicts of interest before filing charges. A Los Angeles County judge will oversee the case proceedings.
The Orange County Sheriff’s Department clarified that Ferguson’s release adhered to established bail rules and legal requirements. No additional conditions were proposed by the arresting agency in Anaheim.
The incident has shaken Orange County, a region between Los Angeles and San Diego, housing over 3 million residents in a cluster of cities, with Anaheim as the most populous among them.”

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